Acknowledgement was a quick font project, which I wanted to complete in time to give a copy of the result to a friend to commemorate her thirtieth birthday. The inspiration was a considerably older source: some victorian wood type which I had printed about six months earlier. The test word I composed was ‘acknowledgement’ all in capital letters: hence the font name and the fact that is it entirely uppercase, although in the lower case there is a duplicate set with ‘alternative sorts’: variant forms of some letters that I drew later on and liked.

My working method was to try as hard as possible to reconstruct the letterforms of the victorian wood type without looking at the originals. So the end result is a synthesis of recollection and conjecture. It doesn’t exactly resemble the original in many details, but overall it gives a similar effect. My article about drawing type from recollection elaborates on this method.

In the final analysis though, this is an exercise which possibly was more useful for the learning experience than the results, since the face is so fat that it is fairly difficult to find a use for it.