These typefaces owe their origin to the free copy of Fontographer (or ‘Frontographer’ as the documentation put it) I was given when I bought a Mac clone a few years ago. Before then, I'd regarded the whole business of type drawing as something I would never fathom, let alone something that I would have the time or resources to pursue. Perhaps to remain ignorant would have been a happier turn of events; I don't know. But I have gained enormous enjoyment from drawing type, and Fontographer comfortably outlived the computer it was intended to help persuade me to buy.

As a ‘Classic’ Mac OS program Fontographer eventually became impossible for me to run. So when I did return to the fonts to give them a wash and brush-up I was very pleased to discover FontForge, which is a very accomplished non-proprietary font editor. It saves the outline data for each font in a text file so that it is both easy to read (well, easier than encoded binary) and easy to version-control. Highly recommended; but see the typophile forums for a discussion about font editors.

My typefaces on the Open Font Library

Some of these typefaces were listed on the Open Font Library. The site was rebuilt from scratch after I uploaded the fonts and I have not yet put them back.

And in Google Web Fonts

I’m pleased to have some of my typefaces included in Google’s Web Fonts directory.

Source files on Github

All my fonts are available licensed under SIL’s Open Font License. To modify or remix them you may want the SFD files that I use in development. Acknowledgement, Bentham, Geo, Rollout and Puritan are all on Github so go and fork them now!

font icon

The background image is a screenshot of e in Puritan taken in the glyph editing window of FontForge.