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I’m a friendly and conscientious designer/developer always happy to go the extra mile to make sure things are as good as we can get them.


I am an information designer. Since I started working in 2000, I have been concerned with both visual and interactive aspects of design and willing to get my hands dirty in the code base. I prioritise the end user and I understand how designers and developers can work well together. Details

Recent work

NB this information last updated in 2010. More recent information is on LinkedIn

Adam O’Riordan

Design and construction of a web site for a poet.

Atlas Management

R&D in the field of home automation and energy efficiency. Prototyped a Javascript/HTML control interface for devices like the iPhone to control AV kit.

Atlas Management specialises in refurbishing and extending domestic property.

Boag Associates

Freelance form and billing project work with the Boag Associates team.


Advice on potential improvements to aspects of the Generous web site.

Horton and Garton

Branding and print design for a newly-established independent Hammersmith estate agent.

Julia Miles Counselling

Web site design and build.

Knowledge into Action

Wireframing, storyboarding, and visual design for the SHEBA web site, working with Unicorn Creative and Ket Lai.

Open Font Library

Redesign and rebuild of this library web site for free/libre fonts around version 5 of the Creative Commons ccHost media hosting platform, working with Unicorn Creative. It may go live soon.

Quist Solicitors

Design and construction of a new web site.

St Bride Foundation

The design and much of the build of the St Bride Library web site; several subsequent enhancements.

Studio Lift

Freelance visual design work with the Studio Lift team; PHP scripting and HTML, including a simple wrapper library around the pChart graphing library.

Text Matters

Freelance design and coding work with the Text Matters team.

The Conscious Core

Building a CMS-driven web site for this new venture by my former housemate Jeremy Justice.